Black Soldier Fly

Our research and initiative are dedicated to transforming waste management practices by re imagining the disposal of collected waste. Instead of resorting to traditional landfill methods, we harness the remarkable capabilities of black soldier flies to effectively break down the waste. Through this innovative approach, we convert the waste into valuable feed stock and fertilizer, contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly waste management system. Our focus extends beyond conventional disposal methods, striving to create a circular economy where waste becomes a resource, benefiting both the environment and agricultural sectors.

Transforming Waste into Organically Enriched Resources with Black Soldier Fly

Our Research and initiative revolves around diverting a significant portion of the waste we collect and transport away from conventional landfill disposal. Instead, we make use of the power of black soldier fly to efficiently break down this waste, converting it into valuable feedstock and fertilizer.

Pilot Facility


Substrate Preparation Zone: Where organic waste is received, sorted, and pre-processed (e.g., chopped, mixed, hydrated) to create an optimal feed substrate for larvae.

Feeding Area

Larvae Feeding Section: Where prepared substrate is fed to the larvae in rearing containers. In this area, temperature and humidity are locally controlled to optimize larvae growth.

Fly House

Adult Fly Enclosure: A controlled environment for breeding and egg-laying of black soldier fly adults, with appropriate lighting, temperature, and humidity conditions, and substrates for females to deposit their eggs.


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