Black Soldier Fly

Our research and initiative are dedicated to transforming waste management practices by reimagining the disposal of collected waste. Instead of resorting to traditional landfill methods, we harness the remarkable capabilities of black soldier flies to effectively break down the waste. Through this innovative approach, we convert the waste into valuable feed stock and fertilizer, contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly waste management system. Our focus extends beyond conventional disposal methods, striving to create a circular economy where waste becomes a resource, benefiting both the environment and agricultural sectors.

Transforming Waste into Organically Enriched Resources with Black Soldier Fly

The nutritional content of BSF larvae is excellent. Full-grown larvae contain up to 45 % protein, roughly 30 % fat (bio-oils), around 7 % chitin and around 4 % calcium in the dry matter. BSF based feed also includes antibacterial agents. Live larvae are completely organic food and an excellent source of protein for Animal feed.

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