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Our Story of Adopting Street Boys & Girls

Our Story of Adopting Street Boys and Girls

Nabugabo Updeal Joint Venture aimed at promoting Kampala City’s Cleanliness, attractiveness, livability, ambience and green. It’s majorly based in Central and Rubaga of Kampala, employing a number of people especially the street boys and girls who were a threat to the community.

These boys were a menace, They could collect garbage from shops and dump them on streets, drainage channels, swamps among others. Their purpose of collecting garbage was to see if it contained some food leftovers for them to feed on and at night they could gather on the streets and light garbage so that they could get warmth, light and in the morning, they could leave all streets of Kampala dirty.


At times they had developed the interest of owning some money which resorted into snatching watches, phones, neckless from the street by passers, this caused insecurity. However, we agreed that if we could get most of the energetic street boys and girls that could be empowered, trained to get some skills of how to collect garbage and be paid some token that could change their lives.



As we were successful in this way, most of the street boys accepted to be taken over and we’ve so far trained over 2000 people. After they became proficient through garbage collection, they got some little capital and some started up other business ventures, like Boda boda riding, other went back to school, others looked for greener pastures, got jobs with other and this project has changed a lot of their lives.


The company employs currently over 1000 workers who have implemented steady progress in keeping Kampala city clean. These include administrators, supervisors, revenue collectors, inspectors, garbage loaders, garbage collectors, garbage scouts and drivers.

Cholera outbreak in Kampala 1997. Outbreak was due to poor sanitary conditions prevailing in the city slums of Kampala.

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