Munywanyi Investments Limited is a registered company providing construction, transport and cleaning services. Its a Sister Company to NUJV and Currently it is the main transport service provider of Nabugabo Updeal Joint venture, a company that handles solid waste management services in Central Division of the City Kampala.

Munywanyi has embarked on rearing birds for eggs (layers). Initially kicking off with 6,300 birds in 2012 (i.e. 25th February 2012) today producing slightly more than 150 trays of eggs every day. Each tray is fetching roughly shs. 7000. Therefore the company’s sales from the 1st batch is currently is sh 1,000,000 per day.

In February this year 2013, the Company stocked another batch of birds 16,300 birds (layers). One thousand six hundred birds died at the infant stage, remaining with 15,000 birds, projected to start laying in August 2013. Therefore two months’ time i.e. in August 2013, the new lot of 15,000 birds will be producing about 400 trays of eggs per day.

The market for the Company’s products and services is mainly wholesale traders, hotels; education institutions in Kampala, Exporting companies provide market for the products, which pick the products from the farm.

The new batches of birds currently require 1,200 kilograms of feeds per day (i.e. 1.2 ton of feeds a day. This therefore requires financial support at a time when they have not started laying